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Jammaker   brand began in Caroline’s kitchen, my Italian Nana’s kitchen, her picture is on the jar.  Nana learned how to cook from her father, a chef and neighborhood grocery store owner, as well as from her mother, because Italian women just seem to know how to cook.  My Nana was cookin' it up healthy    in her kitchen preparing each and every meal from scratch using fresh, seasonal ingredients.  She took pride in cooking healthy, delicious, and nutritious meals for her family and friends every day.  My earliest memories of my Nana are aromatic and flavorful.  Her kitchen was always a meeting place and the door was wide open to welcome whomever came along with the salt air marsh breezes. Caroline's kitchen welcomed the neighborhood.  No matter who it was, a worker fixing something in the house, the postman, a friend who stops by, her grandchildren and children, her brothers and sisters, and in-laws, too, they were greeted with, "What can I get you to eat?", and she would not take "no" for an answer.  Nana always had enough food for one more.  You never left her kitchen hungry or empty-handed.


The way Nana made itTM.  Our unique flavor combinations are kettle-cooked and hand-stirred in small batches to create our all-natural Jams, Jellies, No Way, No Sugar!   Pure Fruit Spreads, Marmalades, Chutney, and Relish.  Only the highest quality fresh fruits are used and when possible ingredients are sourced from local farmers.  All ingredients are Non-GMO.  Our No Way, No Sugar!   Pure Fruit Spreads have no added sugar and are sweetened with fruit juice and the natural sweetness of the fruits.  Our bouillons are the only stock or soup base on the market that is MSG free.  We have a vegetable bouillon, made with vegetables and sea salt, and a vegan chicken bouillon, it tastes like chicken but there is no chicken in it.  Our line of bread mixes are healthy, delicious, and nutritious, made with organic flour and organic sugar.


Let’s Jam!  Nothin’ artificial, all-natural.  Just the basics, simple ingredientsTM.

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